Reading List

Social Data and Society

Rise of The Social Bots.  @jabawack and colleagues present research findings on detecting Twitter bots. See also BotOrNot interactive project page (I’m 40% likely to be a bot!).

Diffusion of Lexical Change in Social Media.  @jacobeisenstein and colleagues present research findings on Twitter linguistics. Of additional interest is the approach to data sharing (i.e., tweet ID list) to conform with Twitter TOS.

Big Data, Machine Learning, and the Social Sciences: Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency. @hannawallach presents a transcript from her talk at NIPS 2014 conference. It speaks to the definition of “big data” and covers the differing perspectives on analysis and interpretation.

Science Careers

Here’s the big thing we get wrong when we talk about STEM. @titonka‘s editorial on defining STEM careers and the need for developing analytical skills and technical proficiency across disciplines.

Internet Politics