Consulted on: Middle level principals’ parent involvement practices

Tomichek-Michalowski, T.V. (2017). Middle level principals’ parent involvement practices. Doctoral dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. Retrieved from

Abstract: The purpose of the exploratory research study was to identify middle level principals’ parent involvement practices. Parent involvement impacts students in positive ways, and a principal must have the ability to involve parents. The job description of a principal can be difficult to place on paper. Principals multitask throughout the day and often shift from leader to conflict resolver in a moment’s notice while also focusing on the safety and overall well-being of the entire school community. Principals play a significant role in making parents an integral part of the school by involving them in their child’s educational process. Principals need to develop a supportive and welcoming environment for both students and parents. The review of literature examines reasons why teachers may or may not involve parents, explains different models of parent involvement, and identifies barriers to parent involvement. Knowing the principal plays a key role in facilitating parent involvement, the overall aim of the exploratory study is to examine middle level principals’ parent involvement practices.Middle level principals in the western region of Pennsylvania were surveyed to determine how their current practices aligned with Joyce Epstein’s six parenting practices which include parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making, and collaborating with the community. Findings indicate middle level principals engage in using practices within all six categories. Findings also indicate principals can improve practices that are more individualized for students and families. A need for professional development for principals and teachers in order to involve parents into the school community was identified.

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