PosterFace2012I try to understand the more-or-less natural processes that make our world go ’round. I think a lot about how humans use technology, and how technologies use human data. I like open learning, open access publishing, and open source software. I like technology that can improve health.

For the better part of a decade, I’ve been coordinating NIH and foundation-sponsored research programs at the University of Pittsburgh. I fill the shoes of research protocol manager, software and database developer, statistical analyst, writer, mentor, and all-around approachable guy when research questions arise. In my off-hours, I work with regional non-profit organizations to develop data frameworks for evidence-based program development and evaluation. If you’re seeking some guidance on research or evaluation for your own project, visit my consulting page.

I’m currently a PhD student in the Clinical and Translational Science program at the University of Pittsburgh.  My research focuses on how individuals utilize online peer-to-peer support networks and mobile applications for managing behavioral health concerns.

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