I began taking on consulting projects in 2011. Since then, I’ve had the great pleasure to work with a variety of social science and education researchers, behavioral health organizations, community development programs, social impact enterprises, and technology start-ups. I love getting involved in projects that have potential to make a positive social impact!

Update: I’m heavily focused on my own research and professional development at the moment. My consulting availability is limited.

Still, I’ll be happy to network and talk shop if you are interested in:

Strategic Planning

  • Assessing organizational capacity, processes, and development needs.
  • Critically evaluating project aims, milestones, timeframes, and budgets.
  • Strategically aligning teams, stakeholders, and shared-interest groups.
  • Planning data collection strategies for research and evaluation projects.
  • Developing standard operating procedures and training project teams.

Data Collection

  • Coordinating and facilitating focus groups and cognitive interviews.
  • Conducting patient assessments and psychiatric medical record reviews.
  • Psychometric development of surveys, tests, and assessment instruments.
  • Formatting and integration of in-person and web-based data collection tools.
  • Streamlining data sharing processes among stakeholders and researchers.
  • Harvesting “big data” from social media and publicly available datasets.
  • Integrating live feedback via interactive online and mobile platforms.

Quant. and Qual. Analysis

  • In-depth coding of observational, textual, and audiovisual data.
  • Testing statistical assumptions and planning analysis frameworks.
  • Calculating factor analytic, parametric, and non-parametric statistics.
  • Conducting longitudinal, hierarchical, and structural equation analyses.
  • Interpreting geospacial coordinates and Natural Language Processing data.
  • Developing analysis narratives around conceptual and strategic frameworks.

Outcome Reporting

  • Drafting press releases, executive summaries, and journal publications.
  • Developing narrative presentation slides and posters for conferences.
  • Recording and mixing multi-layered audio tracks with studio quality.
  • Formatting progress reports for stakeholders and funding agencies.
  • Aligning project teams with progress milestones and ongoing goals.